Partners and Friends of ADHD — a PSA

I saw this article and thought the coping techniques damn near perfect. Fucking ROLL WITH IT.…

What many don’t get about ADHD is that we’re very expressive, and just because we’re emphatic or theatrical about something, what you are seeing is not necessarily reflective of how we feel. We can yell and cuss about the asshat that just cut us off in traffic and get it out of our system while all along in side we’re thinking “happy happy I want steak for dinner the sky sure is pretty today work chest and biceps at the gym call mom”.

Really, we’re fine. I for one have survived going on 41 years with this and plan on at least as many more, even longer. Help a theatrical driver out by following with “YEAH he sucks!” Roll with it.

I can’t find the original article, but the video I had found with it was from a series of vids on some little lamb who had been rescued and grew up to be a happy sheep. The blog I first found this clip in basically talked about how ADHD people pretty much just have their own good time as long as the normal folks quit trying to make us act like we don’t have ADHD. “See the happy sheep having a great time playing with the dog? He’s the ADHD guy. All those other sheep standing around being bored and looking confused are the normal people who wish they could have as much fun.”

Sometimes it’s really, really true!…


And roll with it dammit!


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