Don’t like what tone….?

ADHD people apparently don’t “act and sound” the way we should.  We are often accused of sounding or looking angry or interrupting too often…we don’t mean to.  Often we are concentrating on saying what we want to say, or even thinking about other things and while speaking on something else, and sometimes we are just very animated and theatrical to watch.  I often explained to others that if I interrupt to ask about something or get something in it’s because they are saying too much at once for me to take in and if I don’t get a  moment to regroup I have about 5 seconds remaining before they start sounding like a Peanuts cartoon.

I can’t help but get angry at others’ intolerance and unwillingness/inability to realize we are not all made the same.

At any rate, this forum at least told me I am not alone in this miserable dilemma.  The link I believe picks up on page 2 so if you want the OP you’ll have to go to page 1 (duh…but I have not had coffee yet so bear with me).  Enjoy!


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