Some who know “I’m enough”…

My lack of trust in others hit an all time low this last year.

It’s so easy to tell me “You’ve got to learn to trust people or you’ll never…”  Yeah yeah yeah.

Truthfully I really CAN’T trust most to be honest.  Most can’t BE trusted, not by my standards I suppose.  And part of feeling that way is  a heavy lack of validation from others, since I don’t have many people I could consider “friends” on any level.  Some friends are intimate, while others are what I call “high quality acquaintances”…people whom I do not know well or who know me well but they really seem genuine and when I run into them I couldn’t be more delighted.  These are very valuable and should have their own level of respect; they will always be fabulous to you with minimal emotional investment and make life so fun.

There are a few places and people who value what I have to give, so I think it’s important to document those for future reference.  Sometimes when things get overwhelming it’s easy to overlook these great folks who let me be who I am and like what I offer them.  In return I also think they are great, and in spite of my feeling I am “not enough” for them, they are wonderful enough to disagree, so here goes:

Mom and Dad — got lucky with mine!

Ronnie — 9yr old client

Jared — 11yr old client

Laurie and her family — she is my 61yr old client

Trouble and Pandy — my cats

David — my recent ex, oddly enough

Tressa — a great friend, very wise

Leeanna — best friend from 4th grade

Brett — 27ish yr old client

some folks at the SPCA Dallas

Skip — long time friend

another David — high quality acquaintance who moved to Thailand

Mack — cutie I know

Kay — another wise woman and friend

Beff — friend of several years; I don’t see her often enough

Dr Loftus — my chiropractor

Piper — awesome friend

Bob in Austin — friend of several years, another who lets me be me


I’ll add on as needed, but I think for now this helps.  Next time I forget I have a list in the works.


It says ‘home’ to me…

…I have this great little apartment.  It’s small, but very comfortable, and I really knocked myself out to furnish it, and managed to do so very inexpensively.  When I walk in to my home at the end of a day, I’m a little calmer and quieter inside, and house guests feel the same.